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With over 17 years of professional experience marketing some of the largest brands online, Altitude SEO is one of the most experienced, proven, and accomplished SEO/SEM agency in Colorado. We deliver straight, honest work with raw, real-time data, not exaggerated reporting.

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SEO isn’t all the same, here’s why

With every SEO claiming to be the best, how do you know who really is? Over the years search engines like Google have developed sophisticated ‘SPAM’ filters, as well as created specific guidelines like Google Webmaster Guidelines. They’ve created these to ensure SEOs and Webmasters have some general guidelines and best practices to follow. Some SEOs, completely ignore Google’s guidelines and eventually get caught. The ones, especially who deploy some of the most egregious tactics can ultimately get their clients slapped with a manual, or algorithm action (penalty).  When an action is taken on a part, or on an entire site, you can expect significant traffic loss which can ultimately lead to a business closing its doors.

Denver SEO | What is SEO? Stop Motion by Altitude SEO


Searching for a Denver SEO? What is SEO? Altitude SEO explains in the most simplest terms explaining search engine optimization.

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