If you only have a website and expect to pull in tons of online customers, you’re behind the times. A great looking and rich website is the start to online success but you’re nothing without proper outreach on the world’s biggest social media outlet: Facebook. Luckily there are several steps you can take to spread your Facebook reach which will improve your total online reach. Let’s learn thirteen simple steps to take to improve your Facebook reach and brand recognition.

Altitude’s Tips to Improve Your Facebook Reach

Who is Your Audience?

One of the first steps in crafting a social media plan is figuring out your ultimate goals, including what type of reach you’re aiming for. If you don’t have a destination, you won’t have anywhere to get there. To improve your reach, decide who you want to reach and go for that group with all you’ve got.

Track Your Progress

Facebook comes with its analytical tools that help users figure out what’s working and what should be left alone. If you aren’t using these tools, you’re wasting a valuable resource. Facebook analytics offer insights into your views, engagement, likes, and more that can put you on the path to social success. Use this data to your advantage.

Evergreen Content is a Must

In online marketing, content is king. Like evergreen content is a prominent feature on your website, it should be too on your Facebook page. Evergreen content produces the proper keywords to target the Facebook audience you’re gunning for. Fill your Facebook page with engaging, timeless content for an organic boost.

But So Are Regular Updates

Evergreen content is important for target customers but like Google loves to see fresh blog posts, so does Facebook and your target audience. Regularly updating your Facebook page with fresh posts is both a draw for new Facebook friends, more likes (which organically boosts your post’s visibility) and new friends. Go for frequent, high-quality posts for better overall reach.

Use SEO for Facebook, Too

Proper search engine optimization helps get your website found and while Facebook doesn’t have traditional SEO, there are SEO practices you can use to help boost your reach. Treat a Facebook post like you would a blog post an increase its reach.

It Isn’t Always About Business

Not all your posts must be directly related to the business and be formal. A funny picture, video, or other fun content may not be relevant, but your Facebook friends might tire of constant posts about painting or plumbing.

Reward Participation

If you have someone who likes your pictures, comments on posts, and is a helpful Facebook audience member – reward them! More people interacting on your page creates a buzz that you can leverage into greater reach so incentivize participation. This could be an invite to an exclusive promotions group or a coupon for them.

Use Pictures and Videos

Potential customers don’t only want generic blog posts anymore; they want engaging and fresh multimedia, too. This includes picture and video. Pictures and videos tend to get more views and shares than traditional posts and make for a quick and straightforward way to increase your reach. Try to keep any pictures and videos relevant to your company and industry for the most success.

Think About Facebook Live

Facebook loves when you use Facebook Live, so much so that anytime you go Live, you’re likely to be featured prominently in Facebook feeds. Like other content on your Facebook page, don’t just turn the camera on and expect the views to roll in, make any live video exciting, engaging, and relevant.

Offer Promotions, Discounts, and Freebies

Nothing gets people going more than freebies. Freebies, discounts, and promotions are one of the easiest ways to extend your Facebook reach and Facebook makes it easy. Consider offering discounts, free with purchase coupons, and more to drive engagement on your Facebook Page.

Make Sure You’re Linking

All your social media outlets are linked so prospective customers can easily bounce from one to the next. Make sure there’s a link to your Facebook on your other social media pages and always link your Facebook from your main website. Also make sure to crosspollinate between social networks to share similar content and gain audiences between multiple channels with the same content.

Consider Paid Ads

Paid ads do work, but they may not work as much as you’d like, or work in different ways. Consider paid boosts of great content or ads to extend your reach past what normal organic posts can do.

Get Chummy with Related Facebook Pages

You shouldn’t be extending your reach to potential customers only. It also helps to be chummy with related Facebook pages and businesses that can help expose you to another audience. If you’re a roofing company, connect to other roofing company Facebook pages. They might publish one of your articles, or a customer could head to your page after seeing a useful comment. It never hurts to make friends with other Facebook pages.

It seems like a lot of work but addressing these thirteen tips don’t even need a professional social marketer. Try these tips, track your progress, and see what works and doesn’t. The better your Facebook reach is, the better chance you have of improving your online footprint.