These days, I you aren’t taking part in the digital marketing world, you will be left in the dust. More customers than ever before go online to find the right companies and services for their needs and if they can’t find you online, chances are you are losing that business.

To fill this gap in the market, there are countless companies who want to work with you as a digital solutions supplier by managing your site’s content, helping with lead generation, calendars, SEO and more. Unfortunately, not all of these digital marketing companies and firms have your best interest in mind, or can help you in the ways they say you can, even a digital marketing powerhouse like Hubspot.

Hubspot has helped many businesses during its years of service, but is quickly sliding behind the edge of the market. Let’s review 3 unique reasons why Hubspot is behind the times.

3 Reasons Hubspot is Behind the Times

All-In-One is Not Always Convenient

Hubspot likes to advertise their all-in-one benefits and how Hubspot can help with a multitude of different services, but this is not the same way the digital market is heading. As digital marketing evolves, different parts of online marketing have become specialized meaning that the one software to rule them all platform has become archaic. Instead of shopping their online services to one conglomerate, it is usually more advantageous (and cheaper) to sign up for the specialized services you need compared to one-size-fits all internet marketing.

Hubspot is Not Adaptable

Any company that wants to get ahead will be using digital marketing solutions and software like Hubspot to help manage their digital marketing strategies. There’s just one issue, a company that has 1000 employees and a company that has 2-3 employees get the same thing when signing up with Hubspot. It’s difficult to manage and adapt Hubspot when they seem to only be concentrating their software’s focus for mega clients.

Hubspot is Literally Behind the Times

Keeping your website or digital content updated can be a challenge since you are always keeping pace with not only your competitor’s, but search engines as well. When the search engines or other digital platforms make changes, your company needs to be on them. Hubspot is very slow when it comes to updating their own software to keep pace with the fast-changing world of internet and digital marketing.

If you use Hubspot and like it, you don’t have to change your digital marketing platform but if you are thinking about purchasing Hubspot, you are likely better off going with a different platform altogether. Contact a local and reputable internet marketing or search engine optimization to really know how you should be running your online marketing.