You may think you know how to do a Google search, but do you really?

When it comes to giving or receiving Google search advice, it seems like everyone has a slightly different idea of how it’s done best. Perhaps you’ve heard that your focus needs to be on using the right keyword, or using some ‘trick’ to get to more precise results tailored to what you’re looking for.

Among all of the ways you can get the best Google search results, there are a few go-to tips that never fail. And, we’ve compiled them here in one, convenient place.

Altitude SEO’s Tips for the Best Search Engine Results Possible

Tip #1: Become a smooth operator

The term ‘operator’ is used to refer to special characters that can be included with your search term. These are handy when you want to refine your results before you even click the search button. Here are a few examples:

  • Add quotes (“) before and after your search term or phrase to only receive results with that exact term or phrase.
  • Use the ‘-’ character to exclude certain results. Example: search for ‘famous pop stars -Prince’ will return results that do not contain the keyword ‘Prince.’
  • Use the ‘*’ symbol as a search engine ‘wild card’ when you don’t know the keyword. Example: “Take me home country *” will provide results containing the first four words and any other single word that fits the phrase.

Tip #2: Know the secret search symbols

Using the ampersand character ‘&’ will provide results with information that is relevant to both keywords used. For example, searching for ‘skateboarding & dogs’ will return results with information about dogs that includes the keyword ‘skateboard,’ and vice versa.

You can also use the hashtag symbol ‘#’ to locate trends related to a particular thing. Similarly, using the ‘@’ symbol will keep the search to social media mentions.

Lose your calculator? No problem! Use the percentage sign ‘%’ and other common mathematical functions to perform basic calculations right in the Google search bar. Need to know how much to tip your waiter? Just type in ‘15% of $40’ to get your answer in mere milliseconds. The same goes for the ‘+, -, /’ symbols.

Tip #3: Search for specific file types from individual sites

Want to find a certain file type that is related to your keyword? Just use the modifier ‘filetype:[file type] at the end of your search term. Example: ‘dog on skateboard filetype:jpg’ will return jpg image files.

And, if you want to limit your search to only one site, add the modifier ‘site:[website]’ to your search phrase. So, to only find results from YouTube, you might search for ‘dog on skateboard’

Putting these search tips to use can get you on the path to clearer, more relevant search engine results whenever you need them.

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