Everyone likes free stuff. But, not all free stuff is valuable, and nowhere else is this more obvious than in the world of SEO tools. That’s why we’ve weeded through the junk to find only the most powerful sites and services that have real, tangible value for those trying to enhance their web presence through smart SEO.

Why pay when you don’t have to? Use these five free SEO tools to start generating more traffic for your site, today.

5 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using to Succeed Online

#1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a detailed, granular window into the traffic that comes to your website, giving you valuable insights related to where your visitors come from, when and how they convert, and what search terms get them to you. There are also features specific to social media, AdWords campaigns, and more.

The only downside to Google Analytics is that it can take some time to learn. But, once you understand the basics and how to navigate the dashboard, getting to the information you need is quick and easy. And, because it’s from Google, it’s reliable, unbiased, and very, very powerful.

#2: Yoast

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that takes the wonder out of what to do with your content. After integration of the plugin onto your site, you’ll be presented with easy, task list-based actions to improve your SEO, with simple green, yellow, and red symbols indicating where attention is needed the most.

This tool is missing some of the advanced features needed to really get competitive with keyword research and on-page optimization, but for entry-level SEO, it can’t be beat.

#3: Google My Business

Google My Business is a no-brainer for new websites in particular. Why? Firstly, it’s completely free. Secondly, it tells Google what your business is all about, where it’s located, how customers can interact with it, and other key facts that all help to drive organic search traffic.

There is a validation/verification step involved up-front, which may require a few days to complete. But, once that’s done, your business will be more easily searchable and indexed as a legitimate business insofar as Google is concerned.

#4: Google Search Console

What used to be known as Google Webmasters is now Google Search Console, which is a suite of website performance tools. These tools are immensely valuable for optimizing websites because they take into consideration virtually all aspects of how well a site performs for visitors.

Website performance metrics include load speed, mobile friendliness, backlinking reports, SEO ranking data, and more.

#5: Google Keyword Planner

Remember a few paragraphs back, where we discussed keyword research? Google Keyword Planner is the solution for those looking to get serious about the keywords they use in their SEO strategy. This free tool helps you to stay on top of keyword trends so that your content remains as relevant as possible, netting you as much search traffic as possible.

While these free tools are excellent resources for anyone running a business, sometimes you need more. Altitude SEO is here to help – bring us your SEO challenges and we’ll bring you SEO solutions. Get in touch with us today.