You’ve decided to make a website for your grass-cutting business. That’s fantastic! The modern business won’t be seen without a proper website, that’s where your potential customers are after all.

You sit down at a computer with a newly-bought book on making a website, but you’ve already hit a snag, what content management system (CMS) should you use to build your site? There are dozens of CMSs out there, and which one will work for the site you have in mind can be quite confusing, unless you’ve heard of WordPress.

WordPress is a favorite CMS to many SEO companies, web developers, and personal website builders, but what makes it so popular and why should you use WordPress? Let’s learn more about this popular CMS to get you going.

5 Reasons Why WordPress is Better Than All Other Content Management Systems

Easy to Get Started

WordPress is easy to get started with, even if you no prior web development knowledge. WordPress’s simple layout combined with easy-to-use tools and programs can have even a rookie developer building the perfect website within a couple of hours. There are also many (free) resources from both WordPress and other development resources online to help get you started.

You Own Your Website

Many other “easy-to-use” website CMSs come with a big catch; you won’t own your website. This can put you behind the eight-ball when it comes to implementing a strategy, and you can forget to utilize great third-party tools when you choose a pay-for-play website company. When you choose WordPress, you have complete control over your site because you own it.

Optimization is a Breeze

One of the most important things for any website is proper optimization, so your website appears high in search engine rankings. WordPress is the best CMS for search engine optimization, especially rookies. WordPress will automatically optimize certain parts of your website for the search engines and offers plenty of plug-ins such as All-in-One SEO and Yoast to optimize your site like a pro.

Plug-Ins and Third Parties Galore!

WordPress is an open-platform CMS which means anyone can independently write and put in place software and programs to use on WordPress. You aren’t stuck with default applications and plugins only when you choose WordPress for your CMS.


With all those third-party plugins, open development, and built-in WordPress features, you can customize your website to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a simple lead-generation site for your plumbing company, an e-commerce site for your handcrafted goods, or a complex site about string theory, WordPress has you covered.

If you want a CMS that is simple to use but has all the tools necessary for your perfect site, you want WordPress as your CMS. Point your browser to to get started on your perfect website today.