The internet gives anyone an outlet to design and put in place an online store, or e-commerce website that’s they’ve always dreamed of but designing an online store isn’t child’s play. Setting up any website by yourself is difficult, but the addition of commerce to a site can make for a trying process.

Luckily there are several platforms and tools that can help web rookies get online and see their dream realized. We recently took an in-depth look at the popular e-commerce platform osCommerce to see what it could do for our clients and have laid out its seven top benefits. Let’s review seven reasons why osCommerce has hundreds of thousands of users already and why you should consider it for launching your business, too.

7 Reasons to Consider osCommerce for Your Online Business

Product Management

Though the osCommerce product management interface is a little outdated in a design sense, it’s very easy to use out-of-the-box even if you’re unfamiliar running an e-commerce site or online store. The layout and interface are straightforward and directs you through the process while allowing you to add, delete, change, and change your options and products. osCommerce also integrates with your PayPal account through a built-in module.


Good news if you like to save money, the standard osCommerce software is free to download and use. This is the basic version of osCommerce and to enhance features and your site you may have to pay a few fees. Extra fees or costs include hosting, domain name, and paying for a premium template or other applications as needed. These are all standard site costs and won’t run up your final bill beyond a reasonable level for 99 percent of website owners. Free is always affordable.

Store Designs and Templates

By default, osCommerce comes with one primary store design, and it honestly isn’t that great. Luckily the software allows for plugins and the addition of third-party created templates and designs. You can access potential layouts on the Community Add-Ons section or use popular third-party premium design application like ThemeForest.


osCommerce is not top-of-the-line e-commerce software though it is filled with several features to help your site succeed. A sample of features in osCommerce include an unlimited product management catalog, customer management, reviews, orders processing, report tools, tax handling, and several advanced features like database backup, security protocols, and more. For free software, osCommerce is packed with features.

Ease of Use

osCommerce’s ease of use is its greatest quality. Setting up a website is an intimidating task and even scarier when e-commerce is involved. Even if your online store is your first website, you don’t need to fear osCommerce. They use an intuitive, step-by-step approach that leads users through the process with simplicity. If you’ve been holding off launching your online store because you don’t think you’ll be able to handle the job consider osCommerce. The software is not designed for high-end merchants but regular mom-and-pop style businesses who want to get online without difficulty.

Big Community

osCommerce is popular with hundreds of thousands of unique users. There’s safety in numbers as this means there are a strong support community and places to get ideas. osCommerce’s forums clocks in at over 1.5 million posts so if you ever have an issue, chances are someone else has already solved it.

Easy to Customize

Because osCommerce is such a popular application, there are hundreds of third-party plugins, applications, and downloadables to help customize your site to exactly how you want it. Unlike other e-commerce applications that limit your access to third-party software, osCommerce is a completely open-source General Public License software so that you can use modifications created by others – you can even create them yourself.

Is osCommerce Right for Your Online Store?

If you need an affordable, useful e-commerce option with thousands of users, an open platform, and the means to customize your site than osCommerce is up to your alley. If you’re looking for top-end, you may have issues with osCommerce’s outdated design, problems with scalability, and the software can get buggy if you try to do much with it. For most, the software does exactly what they need and more, making it worth your attention and try. If you’re launching a high-end online store where high-volume is planned, you should try experimenting with premium e-commerce applications.

These seven reasons and more make osCommerce one of the more popular online-store building tools and a great platform for your business. You can download osCommerce free online to see why hundreds of thousands of users trust this platform with their e-commerce needs.