Each year in Boise, Idaho, Fishers Technology sponsors the Boise Tech Show. It is a day of demonstrations and seminars focused on technology, leadership, innovation, and strategies for entrepreneurial success. Last year, our team attended the show and had a great time visiting. This year, Altitude set up a table on the show floor and was given the honor of presenting.

An SEO Seminar with Sean Hakes

The Boise Tech Show is known for hosting a variety of valuable seminars and informative speakers. This year, Sean Hakes, CEO of Altitude SEO, gave a Boise Tech Show Seminar Presentation by Sean Hakesseminar titled, “Getting Ranked in Google: Search Engine Optimization Strategies for 2017,” to a full room of Boisean business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology professionals. The presentation touched on a variety of topics: SEO fundamentals, common SEO mistakes, approaches to earning lasting search engine rankings, and the latest relevant SEO statistics. Sean did a great job of showing how businesses can leverage proven search engine optimization strategies to impact their rankings and traffic in a positive way.

The goal of the seminar was to help others understand that SEO is a long-term marketing asset for any business, and requires a calculated approach to be successful. Altitude SEO’s process-oriented SEO campaigns follow a tested approach that generates long-term rankings for our clients’ websites. After his presentation concluded, our booth on the Tech Show floor had a quite a few visitors interested to know more about how SEO could benefit their websites.

A Booth on the Tech Show Floor

For most of the show, I took care of our booth on the show floor. There, I had the valuable opportunity to meet and speak with many of the people attending the conference. Conversations focused on sharing with others what Altitude does for organizations and how they might benefit from SEO for their websites. My favorite part of our tech show booth was helping people see what an initial SEO audit of their website might look like. Altitude’s SEO Audit Tool is useful for helping people see how well-optimized a web page is for a given keyword. I am always happy to share how quickly Altitude can help websites make progress toward their goals.

Reviewing SEO audits with interested business leaders, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations showed me how many businesses are still in need of a concrete solution to their long-term SEO needs. Website developers and designers do lots of hard work to create websites for organizations of all types, and it is still common for me to find fundamental gaps in optimization on websites. It was fun to learn what organizations the tech show attendees represented, discuss their websites, and create personalized SEO audits to review with them. I hope they gain value from the audits and are able to make strides in improving their websites’ visibility.

Boise Tech Show Keynote Speakers

Boise Tech Show Keynote Speaker Dr Chuck Staben

At lunchtime, we were fortunate to be on the main show floor where Dr. Chuck Staben, President of the University of Idaho, gave his keynote presentation. The focus of the presentation centered on Idaho’s ongoing developments in STEM education and careers. Dr. Staben offered valuable statistics and insight into the current state of Idaho’s collegiate STEM programs, and how Idaho is approaching the continued improvement of STEM education throughout the state. I agree with his position on the critical importance of investing in STEM education and the goal of bringing more STEM career opportunities to Boiseans, and all Americans. It is important to encourage people to pursue STEM education & careers in order to drive technological innovation everywhere.

The evening keynote presentation was unique, and presented some fun ideas about the influence of technology Boise Tech Show Keynote Speaker CEO George Mulhernon the economy, commerce, and the consumer experience. George Mulhern, CEO/Chairman of Cradlepoint, delivered valuable perspective and detailed information about the impact of technological advancement on all aspects of the consumer experience. This presentation touched on some of the unique developments in e-commerce, including Amazon Drone Delivery, concepts for checkout-free grocery stores, and more. All businesses and organizations should be poised to adapt significantly as new technology shapes the modern consumer experience. Businesses that are not dynamically prepared to accommodate changes in the consumer experience will not be able to compete with the organizations of the future. It’s up to the business leaders of today to step in and pave the way for technological innovation in all fields.

Altitude SEO at 2017 Boise Tech Show Evening Keynote

Wrapping up the 2017 Boise Tech Show

The evening reception was great – the Fishers Team did an exceptional job of providing delicious food and beverages for the entire tech show audience. The people I spoke with were friendly, Sean and I were genuinely delighted to meet so many nice people in such a short time. It was great to speak to everyone in a casual setting.

Across America, perceptions of Idaho often don’t extend past their potatoes or dairy exports. I have found that perception is a gross underestimation of what Idaho really offers. The community in Boise is a strong one, with exceptional business leaders and a great thirst for technological innovation. The organizations that call Boise home are truly invested in helping their city thrive. It feels like a city full of opportunity, a fantastic place for seeds of entrepreneurship grow into the progressive organizations that positively impact the world.

Watch a Recap of the 2017 Boise Tech Show:

Summary: Boise is a Great Town

The Boise Tech Show marks my first trip to Idaho, and it was a memorable one. The atmosphere, the community, and the experience at the Tech Show added up to a phenomenal first visit to an unfamiliar place. Arriving in Idaho in the evening gave me the chance to see an amazing sunset – the start to a good visit anywhere.

What I learned as we traveled around downtown is simple: Idaho is beautiful. Boise is an amazingly clean city with gorgeous surrounding landscape. The people are friendly and happy to strike up a friendly conversation. Outdoor activities of all kinds are easily accessible. Good food is abundant. Also, traffic is nonexistent compared to Denver. I have also heard there is a strong local music scene, but did not have the time to really explore it. It felt like we’d stepped into the best parts of Denver, with a much lower population.

We had a great time meeting with everyone and learning about their websites and goals. The 6th Annual Boise Tech Show was a wonderful experience for which I am grateful. I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Fishers Technology; their entire team does a fantastic job with this show year after year. A huge thank you goes to Altitude SEO for sending me to Boise for such an exceptional event. Can’t wait for next year! -TT