When it comes to launching a new website, SEO focused migrations are rarely looked which can result in a massive decreasing in web traffic, and rankings after the new site is launched.

Altitude SEO was chosen to oversee the migration of Tom Martino‘s referrallist.com.

Previously, ReferralList.com contained tens of thousands of pages. Some of those pages were no longer relevant or needed, while thousands of others were.

Why is having a thought out SEO plan in place critical?

Over the years, pages within a website collect links and build authority which will ultimately contribute to increased traffic and site worth (in search engines eyes). When you move platforms (i.e. custom platform to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc) the site structure changes, and even though you might have copied over all of the data, how you get to that data changes.

During a site migration, its up to us to analyze the old URLs, identify URLs that need to be transferred to the new site structure, and ensure its in an ‘SEO friendly’ manner to insure traffic is re-routed and the site authority transitioned.