We’re excited to announce the launch of SEOBrokers.com on October 1st, 2015.

What is an SEO Broker & Why Do I need One?

SEO Brokering‘ is a new thing to the world of SEO. When you Google ‘SEO Brokers’ you won’t find much.

Sean Hakes, the CEO of Altitude SEO has been in the SEO world since 2001 and as an federally appointed SEO Expert Witness in U.S. District Court has seen firsthand the negative side effects of search engine optimization gone bad.

It’s time to clean things up. SEO Brokers.com will be focusing on creating healthy relationships with SEO providers around the nation dedicated to SEO best practices. These practices will in fact be in alignment with not only Google’s guidelines, but designed to deliver transparency and meaningful results.

In addition to connecting business owners, SEOBrokers.com will act as ‘high-level’ SEO contract negotiators and offer a wealth of insight and strategy to small to enterprise level businesses.

What does hiring a SEO Broker cost?

SEO Brokers do not charge a fee unless they are retained for SEO management. A ‘SEO Broker’ campaign manager will work with you to ensure your SEO provider is dealing in best practices only.