Websites can be tricky at times when a customer needs an answer to a very specific question. The tedious and time consuming process of searching for answers that aren’t available right away can become a real nuisance to customers, and sometimes can turn them off to your company or service. More than likely, the customer is very hesitant to call, causing them to go somewhere else to find the answers to their question.

Imagine having a representative that would be able to answer the customer’s needs right away and in real time. That’s exactly what live chat monitoring does for your business. With this service, customers will be able to speak with someone right away, instead of having to call and potentially have to wait for a representative. This also allows for companies to turn their web traffic into actual sales, which can lead to higher profits.

The power of Google means people can shop multiple location, multiple vendors all at the same time. Your responsiveness may end up determining who they are going to do business with because when customers want something, they want it now,” Max Brooks of Altitude SEO describes. Live chat monitoring means immediate answers but also has other advantages as well.

The benefits of live chat monitoring are numerous and include reduced expenses, insight on customer’s expectations or frustrations, as well as giving you an advantage over your competition who doesn’t have live chat monitoring. Chat representatives can handle multiple live chats at a time. This means live chat monitoring makes your business more efficient because you don’t have to hire as many representatives.

Also having the ability to hear the customer’s needs result in new content or change in advertising at a much quicker rate. Hearing out each need and acting quickly on it allows the customer to feel as if he or she matters, which can result in repeat business in the future.

A report put out by E-Marketer explains the advantage over your competition with the use of live chat marketing. The study found that almost 2 in 10 live chat respondents did more than 75% of their holiday shopping online. That is compared to the 14% of those who did use the live chat. It also went on to explain that 51% or more of their purchases were made online after using the chatting feature.

Altitude SEO is launching its own Live Chat Monitoring service for companies and businesses. You can have your own customer sales representative live on your website for as low as $250 per month.

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