Every year, Altitude SEO helps business owners and individuals battle negative information on the web through a high-power reputation suppression service.

Today, Altitude SEO is pleased to announce that we’ve taken reputation suppression a step further by partnering up with area law firms to offer reputation litigation service designed stop, and remove defamatory information from its source.

When you’re attacked online with fictitious and harmful information, you feel helpless.” said SEO Expert Witness, Sean Hakes. “We certainly understand people and businesses mess up at times however, distributing untrue statements about a business or person that is harmful and wrong which is why we’ve decided to add a service that no only suppresses the negative content but go after the source.”

The purpose of this service is not to collect large sums of money from the offending party rather than identify the problem and give the offender the opportunity to cease, desist and remove the content at fault.

To learn more please visit https://www.altitudeseo.com/reputation-litigation/.



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