Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strong bet if you’re really looking to take your business to the next level. Thousands of potential customers start their inquiry into services or business with a simple internet search and if your website isn’t showing up when they’re looking for business, you will simply be left behind. So you know SEO is a great way to grow your business but with so many horror stories about SEO companies out there, it can be tough to decide if it really is a good option or if your money is better spent elsewhere. So are all of these SEO experts legit?

Are SEO Experts Legit?

Like many other industries out there, SEO has its companies that will pool together their resources and expertise to achieve the best possible results for you. On the flip side, there are plenty of SEO companies that would rather just make money instead of fulfilling their end of the transaction.

There are many legit SEO experts out there, your goal is to find them.

How to Find Legit SEO Experts

If you do just a little bit of homework, you can and will find legit SEO experts that will use their skills and experience to help drive traffic to your website and improve your business or service, so how do you find them?

Well your first step is to perform an internet search. This is one of the best ways to automatically know how skilled a potential SEO company is, if they can’t get their own website to rank, how can you expect them to do better by you? For example if you’re looking for a Denver SEO company, just start a search with “Denver SEO company.” Pay attention to the first few results and write them down to start.

Once you have your short list of “proven winners,” you can refine your search. Use online reviews, testimonials, and interviews with potential companies to hone down potential companies. Ask any potential hire for references and call these reference. A reference can give you insider insight to their interaction with the company, what kind of results they got, how long they have been working with the company, and if it is truly worth it to hire that SEO company.

There are plenty of good eggs in the SEO world, but there are also plenty of shady companies. If you are ready to hire an SEO expert yourself, do your homework! A bad SEO company will do nothing for you or even harm your rankings, but a reputable SEO can help take your business to new heights.