What happens when you get a room of 25-ish SEOs, Search Engine Optimizers, SEO Experts, SEO Companies, SEO PROs, SEO Ninjas, SEO Consultants? It’s a party. April 11th marks the official kick off of the 2019 SearchCon brought to you by the one and only, Jim Kreinbrink from Hyper Dog Media. This years SearchCon is filled with talent as experts in all aspects of search hit the podium to talk

So, who’s the best SEO in Denver? As consumers, we can see how confusing it can be when searching for a Denver SEO. Most SEOs in the field integrate marketing such as “Best SEO,” “Top SEO,” or even “Top Ranked SEO,” so how do you know who’s really got what it takes to take your business to the next level? Additionally, most SEOs claim to be ‘white-hat SEO’ or market themselves

My Name is Mike Barnwell and I have a passion for helping businesses succeed with SEO. My experienced team of SEO experts has been helping small to medium size businesses in the Denver area build an online presence since 2013. The key to my success has been my Google friendly SEO approach that delivers both traffic and leads for our customers. I don’t believe that one package fits all, and

Being the victim of an SEO spam hack will bring troubles for website owners. It can result in both algorithmic and even in severe cases, manual action taken against the website by Google. First, what is an SEO spam hack? Is your website starting to look a little like a discount fashion store or pharmaceutical site? SEO spam hacks are infectious. They take advantage of your website’s reputation through the

According to a recent survey, SEO was rated as the ‘least popular digital marketing channel,’ with only about 44% of businesses who include SEO as a part of their digital strategy. Over the past 5 years or so, the line of what is considered ‘SEO’ has been significantly blurred. According to our research, most businesses believe SEO simply means getting ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 5+ years ago, that statement

Who else is flabbergasted by the growth in Boise? It seems like just a few years ago you could find a great house in a Boise zip for under $285K. The growth in Boise alone is one of the very reasons why search engine optimization trends are also exploding. In past years, you could have a nice website, with some good content and rank well. SEO was a marketing play


Jul 2018

Best Denver SEO

Who’s the best Denver SEO? For businesses, this is one of the most confusing statements ever; why? Because pretty much everyone in the scene claims to be the best, and rightfully so. But, who really is the best? What’s more important to who ranks for what, is how they rank. To better understand that, lets first talk about links. Why are links important? Inbound links are still the most influential

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked about search engine optimization. The answer is; it depends. Why? There quite a few factors that weigh into how long it takes to rank well in search engines like Google. Some of the things I look at include; the domain name’s age, the domain name’s history, has SEO been done previously? Does the domain currently rank for anything?

Whether you’re a small business interviewing potential SEO partners or you’re an industry veteran the term black hat SEO is likely one of the most divisive terms referred to in the world of search engine optimization. In order to understand what black hat SEO means, we must first understand what the standalone meanings of black hat and SEO are… Black Hat: noun used in reference to a bad person, especially

Impressional growth is something I talk often about, especially as it relates to a traffic potential and visibility as it relates to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The amount of ‘impressions’ directly relates to how many times particular subject (like a website, or ad) has been shown. Impression is a type of analytics that is used to describe how much an ad has been shown in pay-per-click marketing