Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a relatively complex process. There are several different factors that influence where your website ends up in search results, and all of these factors need to be worked on and maintained.

One of the more important aspects of SEO is building and maintaining a website’s backlink portfolio or websites that link to your page. Good links from authoritative pages are one of the best ways to boost your results, but bad links are notorious for dragging your webpage through the mud. Let’s look at how links influence your website or page in the eyes of the search engines and why bad links can drag your rankings down.

How Bad Links Can Come Back to Haunt Your Rankings

Your backlink portfolio consists of different websites and pages that contain links to your website or page. You may think that any link pointing to your website is a good link but unfortunately not all links are created equally. You have good links that can help your website’s rankings, and bad links that can tank your rankings.

Goods Links vs. Bad Links

Whether or not a link is good or bad largely depends on where it comes from. Search engines can tell the difference between established webpages and garbage websites or “link farms” whose only purpose is to cheat search engines.

For a good link, you want the link to your site to come from another website that is regularly maintained, has a high page authority, follows webmaster guidelines, and utilizes SEO best practices to maintain their authority. The better the page where the link is coming from, the better the link!

Bad links often come to your website from poor or shady SEO practices. Bad links can include links from pornographic websites, “link farms,” pages created solely for the purpose of links, or pages with very low authority. All of these bad links may give you an initial boost in rankings, but will hurt your website worse than before once the malicious practices are spotted by search engines.

How to Fix Bad Links

Bad links can tank your rankings, but there are solutions. The best way to get these bad links off of your website is by hiring a reputable SEO that knows what they’re doing when it comes to backlink portfolios and link development. SEOs can find what links are connecting to your website, which ones are not considered favorable, and will use SEO best practices to remove or disavow these bad links, boosting the credibility of your own website.

Links to your website play a large role in determining where you rank in the search engines. Bad links will do their best to bring down your rankings so you need to ditch them by hiring an established and reputable SEO company to help mitigate these bad link. Getting these links out of the way with best practices will get your website moving up in the rankings again.