If you run a business, sell a service, or are offering a product online, you need to learn basic SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s one of the leading ways to get your website showcased in front of millions of potential consumers or clients online. If you aren’t utilizing SEO in some way, shape, or form online, you’re missing out on leads, sales, and more.

It’s easy to get duped by SEO agencies and individuals who are counting on you not knowing anything about what they’re doing to charge you and do to help you. Here are three reasons why everyone needs to learn basic SEO and how it can save your website.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Basic SEO

SEO is Easy to Understand

Basic SEO is easy to understand, even a layman can understand how it works and what needs to be done to a website to help it perform better. By taking even 15 minutes a day to read up on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, you can help hold SEO agencies accountable when they aren’t transparent about what they’re doing on your site.

Basic SEO Saves You Money

Learning SEO basics will save you money. You’ll be able to ask pointed questions, understand what your SEO provider is doing, and that’ll keep your site from going down the wrong path online. If you’re not sure what your SEO is doing to help you, and they’re not explaining it to you, this can be a way to help yourself stay on top of the work being paid for.

SEO Gives You Time Back

When you understand what’s being done on your website, even at a beginner level, you can begin working on others areas to help you site or business grow. This can be providing content, marketing, reaching out on social media, and more. When you know enough SEO to realize the work being done on your site is the right route, you can focus efforts elsewhere.

Basic SEO is easy to learn and will help you work better with your SEO provider. Unless you trust your company 100 percent, and they’re transparent on what they’re working on, you can’t risk being taken advantage of when your reputation is on the line. Learn some basic SEO today and save yourself the time, energy, and frustration of dealing with a shady SEO company when it matters the most.