Jul 2018

Best Denver SEO

Who’s the best Denver SEO?

For businesses, this is one of the most confusing statements ever; why? Because pretty much everyone in the scene claims to be the best, and rightfully so.

But, who really is the best?

What’s more important to who ranks for what, is how they rank. To better understand that, lets first talk about links.

Why are links important?

Inbound links are still the most influential signal Google uses to determine what, how and why a website should rank. Sure, content is also important, but you could have the best website in the world, with the greatest content and you still would not rank. That’s because, no on in the web sphere has publicly endorsed your way. That’s how links work.

Not all SEO practices and the same, or equal. For an example; most SEOs push the envelope to get links. Some SEOs REALLY push the envelope and deploy really questionable techniques. Those questionable techniques deploy very short-term strategies. They used these short-term inflated rankings to pickup as many clients as they can before their rankings tank. As a consumer, it’s important for you to understand this. SEOs with sustained long-term rankings (like Altitude SEO which has ranked #1 for Denver SEO for many years) vs. people who come and go.

How do you know how to tell if an SEO’s rankings are fabricated? SEM Rush is one of the best tools research any website and while we don’t expect you to become an expert on research, its important to understand these basic fundamentals so you don’t end up throwing tens of thousands of dollars away. Additionally, SEO is based on many keywords not one, or two. You can use SEM Rush to check out traffic values of an entire keyword portfolio which can help you separate the PROs from the spammers.

So, the next time you read about self-professed claims to being the best SEO in town, do a little research because that message could drastically harm your business.