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Google Penalty Recovery Service

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a term that describes SEO tactics that violate search engine guidelines like Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. These specific guidelines include technical, design, and quality guidelines. When a website breaks a specific guideline, Google may apply an algorithmic or manual action penalty which will result in significant demotion in their search engine result pages.

Altitude SEO is one of the very few digital marketing firms that specialize in Google Penalty Assessment and Removal. We have a 100% success rate at removing both algorithmic and manual penalties.

Was your website penalized by Google?

If your website once had great rankings and all of the sudden dropped and continues to fall after hiring various SEO firms, you likely have a penalty. Investing in SEO, before getting the penalty removed, is throwing your money away. If you’ve struggled to have positive momentum in the search engine result pages, regardless of who you’ve hired, then don’t waste time, and call us today for a free penalty assessment.

Case Study

Around five years ago, a local roofing company had very prominent rankings. In fact, they consistently ranked #1 for all major keywords like Denver roofers, Denver roofing, Denver roofing companies, and more. Then, all of the sudden, the rankings tanked.

For keywords they once ranked #1 for, they couldn’t be found within the first ten pages of Google. The business owner frantically ditched the SEO provider they were with and hired another. They gave them a year, and the rankings never returned. After that, they switched to a third SEO provider who claimed all they needed were quality, relevant backlinks. However, that still didn’t fix it.

Three years later, the roofing company contacted Altitude SEO. During our standard audit process, we determined the site likely had a penalty. When hired, we went to work. In less than a few weeks, the rankings not only returned – they returned stronger than ever before.

Here’s a screenshot of the traffic & ranking increase:Altitude SEO, SEO Repair Testimonial

As you can see, the client was penalized in 2015. No matter what any other SEO provider did, the rankings continued to decline. Altitude SEO started on our SEO repair process in January of 2018. As you can see by the graph, the rankings increased drastically as did traffic.

If you’ve struggled to gain momentum with SEO, call us at 303-500-5836 to determine if SEO repair is right for you.

Top Google Penalty Causes:

  • Unethical SEO practices
  • SEO practices by underqualified SEOs
  • Negative SEO
  • Hacked website

Common Reasons for SEO Penalties: 

  • Artificial link development or link scheme violations
  • Hacked website (injected with spam or malicious code)
  • On-page SEO spam

Regardless of your ranking blues, Altitude SEO can help. Call 303-500-5836 today.

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