The Search Engine Marketing world has become saturated with different ways to develop and execute effective online marketing campaigns. Because the options can seem confusing, we’re helping with seven SEM tips that can help to ensure that, no matter how big or small your marketing budget is, you will succeed online. 7 SEM Tips You Must Implement Right Now to Succeed Tip #1: Answer the question, “What am I trying

You already know that search engines are an indispensable way to navigate the internet. But do you know which ones are the top among all of them? There are dozens of search engines, all of which aim to do one thing better than the rest: crawl the internet for the best information and present it in a relevant way to those who are looking for it. Knowing which ones are

My Name is Mike Barnwell and I have a passion for helping businesses succeed with SEO. My experienced team of SEO experts has been helping small to medium size businesses in the Denver area build an online presence since 2013. The key to my success has been my Google friendly SEO approach that delivers both traffic and leads for our customers. I don’t believe that one package fits all, and

Being the victim of an SEO spam hack will bring troubles for website owners. It can result in both algorithmic and even in severe cases, manual action taken against the website by Google. First, what is an SEO spam hack? Is your website starting to look a little like a discount fashion store or pharmaceutical site? SEO spam hacks are infectious. They take advantage of your website’s reputation through the

Marketing and advertising are two of the oldest business disciplines, and they have both evolved significantly in the era of the internet. Moving from the traditional methods of print, television, and radio advertising to the vast, complicated world of online marketing has required a complete retooling of the skillset used by those trying to grow their business. One of the most crucial arrows in the quiver of the internet marketer

Search engines, whether on the internet or your desktop, are critical tools that enable efficient navigation and bring relevant information to our fingertips just when we need it. These amazing tools have become such an integral part of our daily lives that it’s hard to imagine life without them. The advent of the internet in cooperation with search engines sets the stage for success using digital marketing strategies, which is

If you’re investing in SEO, chances are you’ve received a handful of Google telemarketing calls already. This happens for several reasons. One of them is using Google My Business to list your company online. It’s easy for robocallers and companies to get your contact information, cold call you, and hope you fall for whatever ploy they’re selling. These calls have nothing to do with your current SEO company and they

According to a recent survey, SEO was rated as the ‘least popular digital marketing channel,’ with only about 44% of businesses who include SEO as a part of their digital strategy. Over the past 5 years or so, the line of what is considered ‘SEO’ has been significantly blurred. According to our research, most businesses believe SEO simply means getting ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 5+ years ago, that statement

Who else is flabbergasted by the growth in Boise? It seems like just a few years ago you could find a great house in a Boise zip for under $285K. The growth in Boise alone is one of the very reasons why search engine optimization trends are also exploding. In past years, you could have a nice website, with some good content and rank well. SEO was a marketing play

Many ask the team at Altitude SEO: “What’s the difference between enterprise SEO and local SEO?” There is sometimes confusion in how enterprise SEO differs from other forms of search engine optimizations. If you Google “enterprise SEO,” you will get pages and pages of information but not one that gives a good definition or tells the user what all it entails. So, What is Enterprise SEO and Does Your Business