Marketing and advertising are two of the oldest business disciplines, and they have both evolved significantly in the era of the internet. Moving from the traditional methods of print, television, and radio advertising to the vast, complicated world of online marketing has required a complete retooling of the skillset used by those trying to grow their business. One of the most crucial arrows in the quiver of the internet marketer

Search engines, whether on the internet or your desktop, are critical tools that enable efficient navigation and bring relevant information to our fingertips just when we need it. These amazing tools have become such an integral part of our daily lives that it’s hard to imagine life without them. The advent of the internet in cooperation with search engines sets the stage for success using digital marketing strategies, which is

If you’re investing in SEO, chances are you’ve received a handful of Google telemarketing calls already. This happens for several reasons. One of them is using Google My Business to list your company online. It’s easy for robocallers and companies to get your contact information, cold call you, and hope you fall for whatever ploy they’re selling. These calls have nothing to do with your current SEO company and they

According to a recent survey, SEO was rated as the ‘least popular digital marketing channel,’ with only about 44% of businesses who include SEO as a part of their digital strategy. Over the past 5 years or so, the line of what is considered ‘SEO’ has been significantly blurred. According to our research, most businesses believe SEO simply means getting ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 5+ years ago, that statement

Who else is flabbergasted by the growth in Boise? It seems like just a few years ago you could find a great house in a Boise zip for under $285K. The growth in Boise alone is one of the very reasons why search engine optimization trends are also exploding. In past years, you could have a nice website, with some good content and rank well. SEO was a marketing play

Many ask the team at Altitude SEO: “What’s the difference between enterprise SEO and local SEO?” There is sometimes confusion in how enterprise SEO differs from other forms of search engine optimizations. If you Google “enterprise SEO,” you will get pages and pages of information but not one that gives a good definition or tells the user what all it entails. So, What is Enterprise SEO and Does Your Business

The Internet Time Machine is an online archive of websites to help internet users see into the web’s past. Let’s imagine a scenario to give you an idea of how The Internet Time Machine works. Four years ago, you designed a website that you liked. The colors, the layout, and the flow were all perfect. You turned your work over to the client and went on your way. Years later


Jul 2018

Best Denver SEO

Who’s the best Denver SEO? For businesses, this is one of the most confusing statements ever; why? Because pretty much everyone in the scene claims to be the best, and rightfully so. But, who really is the best? What’s more important to who ranks for what, is how they rank. To better understand that, lets first talk about links. Why are links important? Inbound links are still the most influential

Keeping up with developments in search engine technology can be like sipping water from a firehose. There’s always so much going on within the walls of the biggest search engines on the internet – Google, Yahoo, and Bing – that it can be a full-time job just staying current on updates and modifications made to the algorithms and indexing methods being used. But to maintain our status as the search

Google will implement a search algorithm update this summer that uses mobile website loading speed as a determining factor in how well mobile sites ranks in search results. This may not seem newsworthy until you understand the scope and purpose behind these new changes. According to Google, this new search algorithm modification is being rolled out as an enhancement for the Google Search experience, something that is continually being evaluated