Who else is flabbergasted by the growth in Boise? It seems like just a few years ago you could find a great house in a Boise zip for under $285K. The growth in Boise alone is one of the very reasons why search engine optimization trends are also exploding.

In past years, you could have a nice website, with some good content and rank well. SEO was a marketing play that typically only the savviest business owners deployed, and now – everyone is doing it, and rightfully so.

Sure, Boise residents who have been around for any given of time likely have their favorite shops and service providers, but what about the all the new residents? The Yellow Pages are basically extinct and most of them go directly to Google to research, rate and decide where the next place of commerce will be.


  • Google SEO – everyone wants to be at the top of Google right? Before, you could hire an intern to get your rankings to soar. Today, SEO is a bit more complicated. From technical performance issues, on-page signals, content etc, it’s more difficult than ever to land in the #1 position¬†in Google which is why you need a proven leader, not an unverified referral from a brother, sisters, uncles, nephew.
  • Voice SEO – Alexa, hello? How about Google Home? These devices are being used more and more to find local businesses. This is one of the very reasons Altitude SEO was one of the first agencies to deploy¬†advanced testing and Voice Search Optimization services.
  • YouTube SEO – Did you know you can optimize your YouTube channel or videos just like you would your website? YouTube is by far the second largest search engine around so it’s critical you invest some of your marketing efforts into a video and video optimization strategy.

SEO is great, but don’t forget about social media. Websites like Facebook used to be a destination website where friends gathered to share photos, not they’re asking for referrals and performing a search just like you would on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

There you have it, the Top 3 SEO Trends for Boise of 2018! Looking for more? Check out our Boise SEO Services here.