Search Engine Optimizers are incredibly competitive and when they can’t beat you, some take extreme measures to dethrone you, or at least – try.

Recently, Altitude SEO has experienced a Bounce Rate Attack. As Federally appointed SEO Experts, we’ve got the experience to identify such attacks and find the perpetrators…

What is a Bounce Rate Attack?

Bounce Rate Attacks send traffic to ones website that typically leaves the site quickly resulting in the appearance of a low quality website. An apparent signal to Google is how long someone stays on a website, and how many pages they visit. When you have the majority of your traffic leaving upon entry, it gives the appearance that your site is lower in quality, therefore should rank lower.

It’s no surprise that Altitude SEO is the recipeient of attacks like this from envious SEOs, but it’s not just us. Tactics like Bounce Rate Attacks and Negative SEO are very real which is why you’ll want to have a highly skilled SEO on your team to not only combat these attacks, but continue to build your online visibility.