The more you read into internet marketing for your business or service, the more you read about search engine optimization (SEO.) SEO is one of the top strategies to turn potential customers directly to your website and into actual customers, but SEO is still largely mysterious to those not in the industry.

Regardless what you know or may not know about SEO, it can be the best way to take your business to the next level. You agree you say, you’ve looked into SEO but it’s expensive, can’t you just learn SEO so you can do it yourself? Let’s take a dive into the nitty gritty of SEO to help answer that question, can anyone learn SEO to improve their business?

Can Anybody Be an SEO Expert?

While everyone can take steps to create a better functioning and optimized website, it takes a lot to become an SEO expert. SEO companies with strong reputations garner that strong reputation by being able to carefully select the best SEO strategy for a unique company, to implement that strategy with precision, and to be adaptable to the ever-changing world of SEO.

All Those So-Called SEO “Experts”

SEO is a skill and a complex process that requires knowledge in everything from social media marketing to the inner workings of websites and their code. Unfortunately with the rise of the SEO market, there are plenty or shady characters who want to get their piece of the pie and will proclaim themselves “SEO experts” after watching a few online tutorials.

The bad news? Since many parts of SEO are technically complex these shady organizations and overnight experts may claim they’re working on your site but in reality may be doing nothing at all, or worse, they could actually be damaging your website.

Finding Real SEO Experts

When searching for an SEO service, you must do your homework. Only choose an SEO company that has an established reputation, a history of positive reviews and ratings, is transparent about their process, a proven track record of success (that they are willing to share with you) and a fat folder of references that you can reach out to.

Working with an established SEO service will ensure the best results for your business, while choosing just anybody could harm your site and business. It takes plenty of effort to become a real SEO expert and when you need SEO help, you must take your time and do your homework to make sure the company you hire is a legitimate SEO expert.