Late 2015 Anderson Carnahan, a high-profile criminal defense law firm based in downtown Colorado Springs reached out to Altitude SEO due to years of decline in the search engine result pages. During our audit of we found several attached penalties, one for unnatural links from a prior search engine optimization provider and another from hacked content.

In October of 2015 we started the campaign off by first, removing the hack. We accomplished this by identifying the threat, removing the hack and repairing the vulnerability and implementing firewalls to ensure that any chance of threats in the future are reduced.

Following the removal of the malware we then kicked off a toxic link removal campaign. This included reaching out to websites who had links pointed to that were in violate of Google Webmaster Guidelines, link schemes.

After the completion of the malware removal and toxic link repair we had to submit Google a re-inclusion request. This entailed an in-depth report that included what happened and the steps we took to remove the issues and ensure that the SEO tactic taken place, wouldn’t happen again.

Within 30 days or so, the site was re-included and the rankings have since recovering resulting in a nice increase in Google search engine traffic.

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