Okay, fine, you get it! Your business is going to stay where it is until you implement SEO for your website. Most business owners now know the importance of SEO to drive more traffic to their website, and more profit to their service or business, and are making investments in their site. If you’re a business owner that’s ready to get SEO started on your website, it’s helpful to know

If you want to get a step up on your competitors, your best chance may be search engine optimization (SEO.) SEO can help your rankings climb all the way to the top spot in major search engine rankings, and you’ll enjoy the increased web traffic and business that SEO can create. There are a few diverse ways to classify SEO, but one of the most popular ways is the division

You hear about it from your competitors, others in your industry, and it’s hard to read any business magazine without hearing about search engine optimization. SEO can help your business or service move to the next level online. You know your search rankings are important, but do you need an SEO service to rank well? This is a loaded question, so let’s look at why companies choose to use SEO services to

All the hoopla you hear about digital marketing nowadays is about where your website ranks. The saying in the world of SEO is, “If you aren’t first, you’re last.” The top spot on search engine rankings is the ultimate achievement for your website, and will lead to plenty of new business, but does every business or every website need SEO to succeed? Let’s learn more about how customers are using

SEO may be a complicated business, but luckily there are several tools available to help both rookies and seasoned veterans alike get the job done the right way on the WordPress platform. While there are dozens of different tools to help optimize a website, two WordPress plugins stand out amongst the rest: Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO. Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO are plugins that make optimizing your website on

You’ve done the research, read articles from the experts, and talked to other businesses who have good things to say about it. You’re ready to implement an SEO campaign to drive more visitors to your website. While looking at different local SEO services, you will notice that several offer complimentary audits of your website to let you know where you stand and what needs to be done to improve your

There’s no question that online presence is a must for your business. The majority of customers go online to find businesses, contractors, and other services before they go anywhere else. It used to be enough to have a decent website, but now you must not only have a great and optimized website to be found, but you must also participate in social media. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and

When you don’t know about a certain area for your business, you consult with a professional. You consult with an inventory expert to make sure your stocks stay what they are, you consult with a shipping and receiving expert for your shipments, and you consult with the proper experts for your website and its rankings. Every time you meet with one of these experts, you usually heed their advice. Of

Each year in Boise, Idaho, Fishers Technology sponsors the Boise Tech Show. It is a day of demonstrations and seminars focused on technology, leadership, innovation, and strategies for entrepreneurial success. Last year, our team attended the show and had a great time visiting. This year, Altitude set up a table on the show floor and was given the honor of presenting. An SEO Seminar with Sean Hakes The Boise Tech

It’s understandable that updates can be frustrating. It seems like every time you boot up your computer some software or program is begging you to update it, and don’t even get us started on Adobe Acrobat. Many of these updates can be pushed to the side, and many aren’t 100% necessary, but not when it comes to updating your content management system (CMS.)  Your CMS needs always to stay updated,