According to a recent survey, SEO was rated as the ‘least popular digital marketing channel,’ with only about 44% of businesses who include SEO as a part of their digital strategy. Over the past 5 years or so, the line of what is considered ‘SEO’ has been significantly blurred. According to our research, most businesses believe SEO simply means getting ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 5+ years ago, that statement

Google will implement a search algorithm update this summer that uses mobile website loading speed as a determining factor in how well mobile sites ranks in search results. This may not seem newsworthy until you understand the scope and purpose behind these new changes. According to Google, this new search algorithm modification is being rolled out as an enhancement for the Google Search experience, something that is continually being evaluated

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked about search engine optimization. The answer is; it depends. Why? There quite a few factors that weigh into how long it takes to rank well in search engines like Google. Some of the things I look at include; the domain name’s age, the domain name’s history, has SEO been done previously? Does the domain currently rank for anything?

Impressional growth is something I talk often about, especially as it relates to a traffic potential and visibility as it relates to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The amount of ‘impressions’ directly relates to how many times particular subject (like a website, or ad) has been shown. Impression is a type of analytics that is used to describe how much an ad has been shown in pay-per-click marketing

Search Engine Optimizers are incredibly competitive and when they can’t beat you, some take extreme measures to dethrone you, or at least – try. Recently, Altitude SEO has experienced a Bounce Rate Attack. As Federally appointed SEO Experts, we’ve got the experience to identify such attacks and find the perpetrators… What is a Bounce Rate Attack? Bounce Rate Attacks send traffic to ones website that typically leaves the site quickly resulting

We understand complex custom designed websites are not for everyone which is why we created Rent A Website. Rent A Website serves various needs including helping small businesses get off the ground by integrating a beautify designed, search engine optimized website designed for performance. Additional, Rent A Website is in the domain business. They help domain investors monetize their domain names through our high-power leased program. Additionally, we can help

Have you ever wondered how businesses show up on the 1st page of Google? The process is called search engine optimization. Google has specific guidelines in place that help their crawlers better understand  what you do, and where you serve. Try our free instant audit tool to find out what you can improve on your website! Since 2001, Altitude SEO has been helping small, mid-size and even enterprise level organizations outrank their

When it comes to Boise business owners, most know that it’s important to get found in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, they don’t know where to start. How does your website show up for different keyword search terms in search engines? Search engines like Google, have very specific guidelines. Google calls it Webmaster Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help website developers build and integrate Google’s best

Let’s be honest with one another. Whether you’re an SEO provider or you’ve paid for search engine optimization in some way over the last decade, you know what bad optimization looks like. You might be doing bad SEO or just aren’t knowledgeable enough to know how bad it can be for your website. Bad SEO can kill your website, and sometimes you just can’t get recover without spending an arm

Back in September, Google announced that its Search Quality Team would be working on enforcing stricter consequences for those who are consistently caught violating Google Webmaster Guidelines. It seems for many Black Hat SEO’ers, Google may have made good on its promises. Within the last 24 hours, many websites associated with SAPE, the underground link network, have seen their rankings drop dramatically almost overnight. These kind of consequences are not