If you want to do search engine optimization (SEO) the right way, you must start with a high-quality content management system (CMS.) An easy-to-use and detailed CMS provides you the right foundation to follow webmaster guidelines, use SEO best practices, and go about the different duties that must be taken care of to keep your rankings high.

You can open split CMS into two main categories, closed and open source, and one is definitely better than the other. A closed CMS is not only a headache to use, but could be hurting your rankings. Let’s examine three reasons a closed CMS can destroy your SEO, and what to do about it.

3 Reasons a Closed CMS Will Destroy Your SEO

Lack of Ownership

Most closed CMS are the ones who actually own the website and the server its hosted on. It doesn’t matter the effort you put into the site, or how much great content you fill it up with, the CMS will still own it. If the CMS goes down or has issues, so does your site. Closed CMS may also limit what you can and can’t do on their (your) website. If you don’t have full control of your website, you can’t be expected to do everything you can to properly maintain your site’s SEO.

Lack of Tools

When you use a closed CMS, you are restricted to the tools that that CMS provides. If you know of a cool third party tool to help your rankings, or want to implement a different strategy, you can only hope that your closed CMS will support those tools. This lack of resources for your SEO can be a drain on your rankings.

Slow Updates and Changes

Closed CMS tend to be behind on the times when it comes to the proper updates and changes it takes to keep up with modern SEO. If Google implements a new best practice, and you can’t take care of that practice with your CMS for months, your site and your rankings will suffer. In the world of SEO, staying ahead of the curve is key, and using a closed CMS will always keep you behind that curve.

What to Do About Your Closed CMS

If you’re ready to switch from a closed CMS to an open one, you need to talk to digital marketing firm or SEO company. An SEO can help migrate you from a closed CMS to an open CMS to help get your site and its rankings all the way to the top.