Define Impessions SEO PPC

Impressional growth is something I talk often about, especially as it relates to a traffic potential and visibility as it relates to search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

The amount of ‘impressions’ directly relates to how many times particular subject (like a website, or ad) has been shown. Impression is a type of analytics that is used to describe how much an ad has been shown in pay-per-click marketing (like Google AdWords), how many dimes a banner advertisement has been displayed (display marketing) or even how many times a website URL has shown up on a search engine result page (SERP).

One of the confusing metrics related to ‘impressions’ is just because an advertisement, or a website has had an impression – doesn’t mean the end user actually saw the ad. For an example; if a search engine using Google’s ‘Denver Plumbing’ and your website happens to be #10. There’s a good chance the search engine user never actually saw your page. As your rankings increase, the likelihood of an action (like a click) will happen which will result in a higher ‘CTR’ click-thru-rate.

One of the services many SEO companies like Altitude SEO offers to compliment SEO is ‘snippet optimization’ which is designed to capture more impressions and turn them into clicks.