Social Media Marketing goes far beyond simply posting about discounts and offers. It goes into researching the exact demographics and buying personas that drive targeted sales to your organization. Altitude SEO is a full service social media marketing agency that dumps a lot of our efforts into researching hypersensitive demographics designed to yield powerful results for your business, and social media engagement.

Just a few years ago, we took on a blog called ‘Explore Castle Rock.’ This blog, later transformed into ‘Castle Rock Community News’ with over 21,000 “REAL” likes from the Denver metro area and a reach of up to 1,000,000 people per week!

A common mistake among business owners is not properly researching their demographics. Blanked ads, and Facebook boost can reach a lot of people but result in little, to no engagements and wasted cash.

If you’re a Denver area business who’s looking to ‘get to business’ and create a true online presence designed to promote your products and services while driving engagement, try Altitude!

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