All the hoopla you hear about digital marketing nowadays is about where your website ranks. The saying in the world of SEO is, “If you aren’t first, you’re last.” The top spot on search engine rankings is the ultimate achievement for your website, and will lead to plenty of new business, but does every business or every website need SEO to succeed?

Let’s learn more about how customers are using search engines to help you decide on whether SEO is right for your website, and subsequently, your business.

Does My Website Need SEO to Compete Online?

The goal of a website is to be a partner for your service or business and to be a tool for you to get more leads, generate more revenue, and otherwise grow your business. But there’s an issue, if nobody is visiting your website, you aren’t getting any of those benefits, and no one will be visiting your website if it isn’t ranking well.

For that reason, you need some SEO, and you may already even be doing SEO without knowing it, but let’s look into some quick stats to illustrate the importance of a website that ranks well:

  • 93 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine
  • 71 percent of business-to-business (B2B) start their decision-making process online
  • 67 percent of the entire “buyer’s journey” is now completed online
  • More than half of customers turn online first for goods and services before using any other media
  • You might think that because you’re a local business, you don’t need SEO, but you’re mistaken
  • 78 percent of local and mobile search engine results led to offline (in-store) purchases

So you get it, people are going online first to help decide who to buy their goods and services from, but you’re still at the top of the second page, people can find you there, right? Well, unfortunately, there are a few more statistics:

  • The top search result in Google garners over a third of clicks. With the top three search results making up well over half the clicks in an organic search.
  • While estimates vary, most marketers pin the number of customers who reach the second page of search results to be as little as ten percent.

The purpose of a website is to help your business, but your site can’t help your business if your customers have to look to find it. Read over these numbers again, and you’ll realize for your website to be successful, you need SEO.