Now more than ever potential customers are starting their search for businesses or services through search engines. If customers aren’t able to see your website when looking for your business, you have lost that potential business just like that. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the business of getting your website ranked highly to grab all of that potential business.

Search engines are not static. They are constantly upgrading and tweaking their programs and algorithims to be of most benefit to the consumer, but this can also leave SEO companies in the dust. Some in the industry have cried that SEO is dead and heck, sometimes now you have to compete with the search engine to get the most visible results, even if you’re ranked #1! That brings us to an important question, does SEO even matter anymore?

Does SEO Even Matter Anymore?

If you want to compete in an ever involving and challenging market, SEO does absolutely still matter. And why? SEO continues to be one the best ways to drive more customers to your website or webpage and therefore drive business to you.

SEO’s primary goal is to drive people to your website, and in order to do that, an SEO will employ many different strategies that will benefit your website while driving it to the top of the rankings at the same time. So even if your website isn’t #1, the work of an SEO will help it load quickly, be easy to navigate for the end user, be full of rich and relevant content and more that will keep people on your website and clicking around.

You can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to your website. A highly reputable SEO will work hard to optimize your website for both users and for the search engines. Your job is to find a SEO that is able to keep pace with the search engines and your competitors through best practices and search-engine recommended tools and resources. If an SEO is doing what they have always done and can’t keep pace with the changes, their SEO may not matter for your website.

While certain aspects of SEO are no longer considered useful or relevant, SEO still matters if you want to take your website and business to the next level. Your job is to find SEOs that keeps pace with the search engines and know how to change their strategy when necessary. In the end, high quality SEO still matters.