When a potential client or customer searches for keywords related to your business, you want to be sure that your company has the highest possible chance of being found online. So, it makes perfect sense that you’d like to see your business listed as close to first, if not first, as possible, right? After all, higher ranking websites get more traffic, don’t they?

The truth is that people conducting online searches are expecting to see multiple results, and they’re going to evaluate what they find among all of the results presented to them. This presents a challenge for small businesses trying to secure as much search traffic as they can: how high of a ranking is high enough?

Does Website Ranking Really Matter?

#1 Can Sometimes Mean #7. Or #9.

For many businesses that operate in saturated markets, simply getting their listing to show up on the first page of search results is a huge win, and for a good reason. For these businesses, it may not even be realistic to shoot for the #1 search result ranking, because doing so might require more investment than is reasonable to consider. However, if it is reasonable to try to get onto the first page of search results, the amount of traffic that could yield could be your ticket to mountains of new business.

Here’s another reason why website ranking does matter to searchers: paid ads from competitors will always be displayed higher than non-paid search result listings. So, even though you may have 100% perfect SEO that puts your ranking at #1, your competitors can spend $10,000 a week on paid search marketing, effectively ousting your business from the top spot.

To contend with this without spending a fortune, a lean, smart SEO strategy is invaluable. Again, getting onto the first page of search results should be the goal to shoot for, and here are a few more reasons why:

  • Internet search engine users have a short attention span. If they have to click to the second or third page of search listings to find you, you’ve lost them.
  • Being on the first page of the search results gives you credibility before the search user even visits your site.
  • If the first page of search results lists your business, you’ll enjoy higher engagement with those people who do visit your site. When search engine users find what they’re looking for, it’s not long before they’re willing to pull out their wallet or purse and start the buying process.

Remember that the goal with search engine optimization isn’t necessarily to shoot for the top spot every time.

Get More with Smarter SEO

With the expertise afforded by the knowledgeable search professionals at Altitude SEO, your business can start enjoying the benefits of increased search engine traffic in as little as a few months. Once everything is in place for success, very little needs to be done to maintain it, thanks to the way that Google, Yahoo, and Bing reward websites that serve up great, relevant content to search users.

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