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We love to fish. It’s one of the many reasons that we choose fishing marketing as one of our core specialties!

At Altitude, we understand the complex nature of marketing a fishing charter, lodge and guide service. In most parts of America, it’s a seasonality based service that requires the ability to correctly target tourist searching for a reputable guide in search engines, or on social media.

Altitude SEO has created a unique marketing platform designed to allow our partners to be found when and where their customers are searching.

Typical consumer lifecycle

  • Research, Research, Research, Compare & Hire

How do people search for your guide service of lodge? Typically, they start with Google then continue their research by reading past customer reviews and even popping onto Facebook to check out photos and recent trips.

Nationwide, the fishing greatest amount of consumers are searching for guide/lodge/charter services from June to July but research phase can start much earlier on.

Does your website rank within the top 3 positions in Google for your location + service? If not, you’re missing out on a ton of business that is going to your competitors who are. Getting on the 1st page of Google is great, but if you’re not within the top 3 positions – it’s not good enough.

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