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Geofencing is without a doubt, one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising of today. Geofencing allows you to create a virtual geographic boundary by means of GPS or RFID technology. This allows us to trigger software to a specific response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

Lets say you own a local golf course and the annual golf show is going on at the convention center. Getting a booth is really expensive but you want to still capture some of the traffic but cant afford a booth at this time. Geofencing technology allows you to draw a virtual boundary around the convention center and serve ads to those who visit through their device. You can also integrate a ‘retargeting’ feature that allows your ads to follow them around when they’re on their favorite golf website, or news portal.

Pretty cool right?

Altitude SEO offers some of the industries lowest cost from $3.75CPM. This means, you’ll get 1,000 impressions for lower than $3.75!

Benefits to Altitude SEO Geofencing:

  • Most accurate GEOfencing in the marketplace
  • Lower cost means more eyes on your ad! (plans start @ $3.75/CPM)
  • No Contracts or Minimums

Because of our buying power, we’re able to deliver more value for your advertising dollar. Starting at $3.75, we’re less than have of the cost of our competition  for better technology.

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