As Google+ falls to the wayside and Google focuses on other ventures, such as self-driving cars, it was only a matter of time before properties that use Google+ fell to the wayside. The latest change from Google comes in the form of removing the requirement of being logged into a Google+ account to leave a review. This means that anybody can leave a review for your business. Here’s why that should worry you and a few tips to overcome the issues

Anyone Can Leave Google Reviews Now

Google+ has been slowly taken away from just about every integration on the Google network with Google Reviews being the latest. Now that that requirement is gone, you’ll just have to sign in to a Google account versus having a Google+ account set up to write a review. Since most of the world use Google in one way or another, that opens up the plethora of people who can leave reviews for your business especially on the go.

What does this mean for businesses? It’s simple. Since potential reviewers no longer have to sign up for Google+ to leave reviews, a Google account alone is enough to leave a review. For those who didn’t want to jump through hoops to leave a positive review, this can be the push they need to find one; on the flip side, for those who want to leave a negative review, this makes it that much easier to do just that.

Any business who is maintaining their reputation online so ensures they’re on top of reviews posted on the web, including Google reviews. If you find a negative review, you have to respond to it no matter the allegations. Take the time to reach out to a negative reviewer, see if you can make it right, and ask them to update the review to reflect that. By staying on top of your reviews across the internet, you can ensure your reputation and business don’t suffer.

Google is making it easier than ever to leave reviews through its on platform. Businesses must be vigilant going forward to make sure they’re soliciting reviews, responding to negative reviews, and monitoring their reputation and brand online.