Back in September, Google announced that its Search Quality Team would be working on enforcing stricter consequences for those who are consistently caught violating Google Webmaster Guidelines. It seems for many Black Hat SEO’ers, Google may have made good on its promises.
Within the last 24 hours, many websites associated with SAPE, the underground link network, have seen their rankings drop dramatically almost overnight. These kind of consequences are not new to the SAPE network as they were targeted by Google for violations back in 2013.

While Google will not comment or confirm they have targeted the SAPE network again, it seems as though the timing could only point to that being the case. The freefalling of rankings are also being complimented with SAPE links being removed as whole, which is another sign pointing to Google targeting.

It seems as though as long as “Black Hatters” continue to use their non-traditional and aggressive techniques, Google will continue to go after their violations with more force. Some of the suspected consequences are making it more difficult to be reconsidered as well as being removed from the Google index completely. While Google still hasn’t responded to the accusations, its clear that something happened and only time, or Google, will tell is the industry’s suspicions are indeed correct.