In life, doing things the hard way often leads to greater results than taking the easy route. Weight loss isn’t easy, graduating college isn’t easy, and relationships take time and work to grow and develop. In all things, hard work often leads to longevity. The same is true for SEO. Search engine optimization will not happen at the snap of a finger. A hard SEO campaign done over time, and built on a foundation of solid, reputable resources will lead to success.

Hard SEO is Good SEO

SEO practices are based on Google’s ever-changing marketing algorithm. A company’s search formula can easily be destroyed by a change in Google’s algorithm, taking the entire company down with it. Shortcuts will not get results. It’s best to ensure that your company is abiding by Google’s guidelines for best SEO practices. Unique content along with fundamental website practices are approaches that will prevent your website from being flagged or penalized by Google. In addition to falling into the guidelines for best SEO practices, these POINTS are good for the overall appearance and presentation of a website. These practices take time, and surely can be classified as ‘hard SEO.’ But in regards to longevity, these hard SEO tactics are well worth the work.

Because hard SEO takes time, longevity leads to a competitive advantage over newbie competitors whose campaigns have not developed the same authority and refutability. There is no easy way around writing unique content and getting it recognized/ indexed by Google. Google’s algorithm forces every website to handle things in the same manner. Search engine organic search results are organized by relevance and popularity. Taking an ‘easy’ route and failing to develop content and PR information on your website gives Google less resources to determine relevance and popularity.

Hard SEO is not actually hard. The practices can be learned, and campaigns can be done correctly in accordance to Google’s algorithm. Like anything in life, hard SEO approaches simply require persistence, time, creativity, and a little bit of love, making your website the absolute best that it can be.