When you don’t know about a certain area for your business, you consult with a professional. You consult with an inventory expert to make sure your stocks stay what they are, you consult with a shipping and receiving expert for your shipments, and you consult with the proper experts for your website and its rankings.

Every time you meet with one of these experts, you usually heed their advice. Of course, there areas where an expert’s opinion won’t make much of a difference for your business, but there are other areas where you must listen, especially when it comes to your website and its rankings. You say you’re working with an SEO expert now, but every time they offer advice on what you should do, all you see is dollars being sucked out of your pocket. So what should you do?

Heed Your SEO Company’s Advice of It May Haunt Your Rankings Forever

Why is it so darn important to listen to what your SEO service is telling you? Because SEO experts can see the future of your website, and it’s not always good.

Search engines use several dozen factors to decide where to rank your website in its search engine, but some factors carry more weight than others. When you first meet with an SEO company, they will audit your website to see where your website is fine, where it could use some general maintenance, and to see if they can spot any red flags.

Here’s the thing with websites and search engines, if an SEO company finds these red flags such as a poor backlink portfolio or outdated code, they won’t go away on their own. Failure to heed your SEO company’s advice will not only hurt your website now but will continue to hurt its rankings down the line. If you didn’t listen to your SEO the first time around, and can’t seem to get your rankings over the hump, it could be an issue from years ago. Listening to your SEO means that these issues will be sniffed out and fixed before they do irreparable damage to your rankings.

The key to finding good help that you can listen to is by hiring an SEO company that you’re comfortable with in the first place, and that has the expertise and experience to back their advice. When you hire a great SEO, you will listen to their advice, and watch your rankings climb higher.