One of the most common questions Altitude SEO gets is “how do I get my website in Google?” Many clients, simply because they don’t understand how the internet works, don’t realize that their websites are generally automatically “in” Google once they go live. The issue is they don’t see their websites at the top of search results, so they think their website doesn’t actually exist in Google. Nothing could be further from the truth!

So, How Do I Get My Website in Google?

Every website on the internet is indexed, eventually, by search engines. Whether it’s Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another search engine, they eventually pick up even the newest of websites online. This is where search engine optimization can help make any website rank higher and be seen by more people, clients included. Search engine optimization puts the right signals in place on your website to tell Google what it’s about; once Google understands that, it’ll begin to rank higher for what you’re all about.

In some cases, Google may not show a website at all in its search results. This comes from a variety of issues ranging from your website telling Google not to list it to it being penalized for doing something against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. If your website isn’t showing up at all in Google, that’s a cause for concern that any search engine optimization company should be able to look into and diagnose for you.

As you can see, websites are generally always added to Google whether you want them to or not. Unless, of course, you go to great lengths to avoid having them listed. If you’re doing business online, you want to be seen and ensuring you’re showing up properly in Google’s search engine results is key to success. If you’re struggling to find your place online, it may be time for an SEO company like Altitude SEO to take a look at your website and see what issues are causing you not to show up as high as you should.