One of the most asked questions in the SEO world is how long does it take to see results. Many SEO companies will attempt to embellish what they can do from you and how it’ll take so that you sign on the dotted line, hand over some cash, and expect the world. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t magic, and while you can have some amazing short-term results from a bit of it, you need to look to the long-term for the results you desire online.

So, How Long Does It Take for SEO to Work?

Good SEO takes about six months to put into place for a website that’s never been touched before. If your website has had previous search engine optimization work done on it, you may be in for a longer wait as your new SEO provider begins to clean up the mistakes from the past.

A good search engine marketer will go over the time frame to start seeing results, then start explaining how they’ll get better from there from the start. If your SEO can’t explain their time frame to you, run before they touch your site.

No two websites will ever rank the same way, they’ll need different strategies and approaches to ensure success. Here’s an overview of what to expect in the first six months of SEO, in general, to give you an idea of the work involved and time frame your SEO company should be giving you.

  • Month 1: This is the research and audit phase, where your SEO company will look at your site and put together a plan of attack. Technical, back end and home page optimization will begin this month.
  • Month 2: More advanced technical work will begin in month two, including fixes to your website’s coding and structure where necessary. If the website needs to be scrapped and rebuilt, this will occur during month two as well.
  • Month 3: Month three is all about content creation. This includes news features, blogging, expanding your About Us and any services you offer. Month three is when you begin seeing more of an impact in SEO than the first two months.
  • Month 4: This month continues with content creation along with building a healthy link portfolio and cleaning up low-quality links that are dragging your website done.
  • Month 5: If social media management is part of your SEO campaign, this is the month when this work begins to start. Content creation, PR and media outreach, and an integration of social media marketing into all aspects of the website will help with visibility and building the website’s link profile.
  • Month 6: In a half a year of invested SEO effort, you should start seeing a drastic increase in visitors and lead generation for your website.

These results may vary website-to-website depending on the location, industry, and other factors. If you’re not seeing some upswing by month six, we would question whether your SEO provider is doing enough for your budget and needs.