Many businesses and organizations are familiar with the term SEO. What may not be known so well is what SEO work does for the business as well as why do businesses need it?

Take a moment and imagine you’re at the mechanic shop. There is something wrong with your vehicle, you know there is, but you’re still not sure what is causing it not to run like it should. So you pull in the garage and the mechanic checks it out. The mechanic immediately knows what is wrong with your vehicle and gives you a list of what seems like foreign words that will need to be completed in order for it to be running properly again.

How Does SEO Work for a Business?

SEO is almost like the mechanic garage and the mechanic. Usually within a few minutes, an SEO technician can look at a website and determine all of the elements that are missing or needs repairs in order for your business website to run at an optimal rate. You may not know the terms used by the SEO tech, but it’s okay because all you need to know is that your website is on its way to being fixed and optimized.

While everyone seems to have an opinion about SEO, the truth is that businesses need it for competitive advantage. You don’t get to the top of page one on Google by hoping it happens, you get there with SEO.

How Much Does SEO Cost a Business?

So you’re probably wondering how much does SEO cost. Well, that is another subject that everyone has an opinion on. Some people say it should cost thousands of dollars while others offer it for lower prices. It is all about perspective. Do you want to invest into your business or not? SEO is an investment. Just as whatever needs to be repaired on your car will last a while, so will SEO for your website.

So where to start? First, you need to figure out if you need a one-time project completed or ongoing SEO work. By determining if you need short-term assistance like redirects or longer term work like selling more product. Discuss this with whoever is doing your SEO work. Set goals and guidelines while knowing that good SEO work takes more than a week. Good SEO work usually takes up to 3 months for optimal results. Whether your project needs short or long term work will also be a good starting point for prices.

Choosing an SEO Company for a Business

Another choice you will have to make is what SEO company to choose. There are massive SEO firms as well as those that only have a few employees. Determining what you would like to get from the services is a good place to find out which firm to use.

Bigger firms are usually going to have a template-based service or a one size fits all. If that works for you, then go for a bigger firm. Smaller firms will have a more customizable package that can fit needs beyond the basics. While each have their own benefits, determining ahead of time what you want will help you make a decision on which SEO firm to choose.

Determining your audience, your SEO needs, and SEO firm will allow you to make a better decision when it comes to SEO prices. Most SEO firms have monthly retainers. Either way, you will pay for what you get.

When it comes to SEO, there are many questions to ask. Hopefully, some of those have been answered above. Start examining your business now. Take a honest look at your website and your rankings. From there, determine if your business or organization is in need of an SEO company and spend what you need to succeed.