It’s difficult to imagine a modern world without the internet and websites. About every business, service and company has a website where potential customers can find contact information, learn what that company does, and reach out to that company. With the advent of digital technologies, if you aren’t online, your business won’t reach the potential it could.

Being online comes with the ever-present threat of hacking. Hackers can steal sensitive information from your site or could crash your site altogether. If you have a website, you must guard it against hacking.

You understand that websites are hacked every day, but why would a hacker want to get onto your simple concrete replacement business site? Don’t they have bigger fish to fry? How susceptible are you to hacking?

So, How Susceptible is Your Website to Hacking?

How susceptible your website is to hacking depends on many different factors. All sites are susceptible to hacking, even top-secret governmental agencies like the CIA have been hacked. There is no doubt some ways to protect your website from cyber criminals. Let’s review some of the different factors when it comes to your website’s security.

Is Your Website Updated?

Cyber-criminal activities and cyber-security are a constant back-and-forth game. The hackers figure out a vulnerability, a cyber security team patches it, and the hackers look for the next vulnerability. This means that every website or content management system (CMS) update could carry new secure protocols to keep your website safe. If you aren’t updating your site, CMS, and other security programs or software, you’re putting yourself behind the times when it comes to cybersecurity. Sites that aren’t updated are much more vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Is Your Website on a Secure CMS?

Not all CMSs are equal, and some are no doubt more secure than others. To help ward off security threats and hackers, try to stick with popular CMSs that get regular security updates such as WordPress. Talk to your web developer if you’re unsure how secure your platform is.

Is Your Website Being Monitored?

Is your website being monitored for hacking? You don’t have to have on-call cyber security staff following your site, but a security plugin should watch your site or use secure certificates at the least. Sites that aren’t updated and aren’t paid attention to are much more likely to be hacked, so try to find some protection. If your site is full of sensitive information, you should consider full-time cyber monitoring.

There is no such thing as a website that’s 100% safe from cyber security threats such as hacking, but there are sites that are more susceptible than others. By keeping your site updated, watching your site, utilizing security tools and being certain your CMS is safe, you’re taking steps is keeping yourself secure.