Altitude SEO offers a comprehensive HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) optimization service that is designed to reduce payload site of HTML documents, ensure correct HTML in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines as well as to reduce processing for web browser rendering.

Our HTML Optimization Services Include:

  • HTML5 Validation
  • Reduce Payload Size of HTML Documents
  • Collapse Whitespace
  • Combine HEADs
  • Convert & Optimize Meta Tags
  • Optimize Attributes
  • Remove Comments
  • Remove Quotes
  • Trim URLs

Not sure if this service is right for you? Here are a few ways to determine if your website could benefit from HTML Optimization Services:

  1. Run HTML Validation Test [ Opens in a new window]
  2. Run a Website Speed Performance Test [ Opens in a new window ]

If you feel your website is running slow, or you’ve noticed your HTML is not correct, please contact us to speak with an HTML performance optimization consultant today.