Altitude SEO is proud to offer our professional level clients a free upgrade to HTTP/2. HTTP/2 is that latest Internet protocol developed to ensure faster page load speed, a more stable user experience, and enhanced security features. Let’s look at what HTTP/2 is, what it does, and why your website needs it today.

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is the most up-to-date protocol for Internet engineering. The update is the first significant update to website URL direction in over a decade, increasing the speed at which pages load, the security between a website and users, along with more efficiency in how web addresses are rendered. How does HTTP/2 do this? It’s simple.

HTTP/2 allows for a single connection to a server to load a website. For as long as the website is open when someone visits, the single connection takes a load off the server, saving you bandwidth and offering a more stable and secure experience when many visitors are on your site. This means that when your site is hit by a sudden boost of traffic, it won’t fail like it may have under HTTP access.

HTTPS when combined with HTTP/2 help secure both types of connections to a website, so it’s important to ensure you’re protected by HTTP/2 and SSL. For websites offering both HTTP/2 and HTTP, you’re not only helping secure your user experience but you’re also giving them the fastest functionality available.

How Do HTTP/2 and HTTPS Help with SEO?

With Google adding support for HTTP/2 protocol, pushing for SSL enhancements for websites, and focusing on user experience as part of its ranking factors, we expect to see websites with HTTP/2 enabled to see a boost in rankings across the board.

What Can Altitude SEO Do to Help?

Altitude SEO offers a free upgrade to HTTP/2 and SSL to all our professional level clients. Whether you thinking about signing up with Altitude or are already one of our clients, give us a call today so we can you through just what HTTP/2 and SSL can do or your website and to schedule an upgrade.