SEO is a complicated arena. The major search engines such as Google use over 200 different criteria to decide where to rank your website. Here’s the kicker, while the search engines at hint at what gets a website to rank highly, their algorithms and processes to decide on rankings are still a closely held secret.

There is one major part of SEO that the industry knows is important to your rankings, and that’s your website’s backlink portfolio. Not all backlinks are treated the same and some may harm your website’s rankings. Altitude SEO can help get rid of those bad backlinks and other negative links that point to your website in a process known as link removal.

Link Removal

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on websites that point to your website. For example, let’s say an RV dealer liked your article about trailer hitches, so they put a link to that article on their home page. That link pointing to your website is now considered a backlink to your website. These backlinks that point to your website is known as your site’s backlink portfolio.

What is Link Removal?

Backlinks aren’t always a good thing. Major search engines like Google use page authority and rank to decide the quality of the link pointing to your website. If the link is coming from a flimsy “link farm” page with low authority it won’t only help your rankings, it could harm them. You don’t want negative links, like the news story about your employee spilling paint all over the highway, you’d rather people forget about all that.

Link removal is the process of removing redundant, low-authority, negative, or otherwise harmful links from pointing to your website. Altitude SEO does this through a variety of techniques such as link disavows, SEO forensics to see where the link is coming from, and good old-fashioned persistence to other webmasters. If you want those bad links gone, you will need the help of Altitude.

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