The options for promoting your business can be intimidating. You have your traditional media such as print, television, and radio, you have digital media with your website and social media, and a host of options in-between. These traditional forms of marketing have their place but have you ever thought about using live video to promote your business?

The concept of live video is not completely foreign to many business owners, but what place does it have in promotion? Let’s learn more about live video to help you decide if it’s right for your business.

Does Your Business Need to Use Live Video for Promotion?

Social media giant Facebook is pushing their live service, and other popular social media sites like Instagram are also encouraging their customers to use live video, and it’s working. Social media users have responded to live video, so does that mean it’s a good idea for your business?

Live video is popular and free to use, so why wouldn’t you want to use it for promotion? Everyone can do live video, but you shouldn’t turn on the live feature and expect the customers roll in. Let’s review some quick tips for live video.

Quick Tips for Live Video Promotion

Promote Any Live Video

You can’t expect to turn live video on and expect your views to skyrocket; you need to promote any live broadcasts before they happen. This will maximize your views.

Practice Any Live Video First

The fun of live video is that anything can happen, right? In the case of live video, improvisation and “winging it” will not work. Make any live promotions scripted and substantive to maximize success.

Make It Worth Your Customer’s Time

If your video isn’t worth your customer’s time, don’t expect them to tune into any future live promotions. Offer a discount, special promotion for watching the video, or another type of incentive for checking out your live video.

Live video is a new type of way to promote your business, but it is becoming popular. You should take advantage of this new type of promotion, but make sure you do it right! Great live video promotion can create new customers and have your existing customers coming back for more.