steel-buildingsCompany Name: Factory Steel Overstock


The steel and metal buildings industry is highly competitive. In addition to the massive amounts of search volume, there are many extremely well funded companies who have invested in hiring the best, and the brightest search engine optimization providers to assist in increasing their online visibility for a highly targeted keywords.


Factory Steel Overstock contacted Altitude SEO with the desire to improve their search engine visibility. At the time, the website ranked near the 5th – 10th page for most of their respective keywords. Upon initial discovery we found that lived on a highly restrictive builder website that had a massive amount of content. Upon initial evaluation we determined that keeping the site where it was at would be the best coarse of action until we found a red flag that would tell us to migrate to another platform.

The Challenge:

  • Highly Restrictive CMS
  • Highly Competitive Industry
  • Low Domain Authority (DA)
  • Lack of History

Since the launch of there had been only a minimal number of links captured. For us, this was a good sign. There’s too many times that a business owner engages in poor practices resulting  in penalties and what we call ‘the wet diaper effect.’

While most SEO providers would recommend jumping into a link development strategy, we adapted a more technical ‘link sculpting’ initiative that was designed to move page authority around as well as keyword targeting.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.36.24 PM

As you can see by the Search Metrics graph above, upon kick-off (11/15/2015) the website had a very low search engine visibility and by executing a strategic on-site optimization tune (PageRank sculpting) the site in just a few short months moved up, and today is one of the prominent leaders (see SEM Rush graphic below.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.40.44 PM

No two SEO strategies are the same. This is a great example of a website with very little domain authority that we were able to go into the site, and shift where page authority was passed resulting in tremendous, natural gains.

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