Professional SEO

Finding the perfect professional SEO partner just got easier. Since 2001, the search engine optimization experts at Altitude SEO have been helping out both small businesses, as well as some of the largest brands online.

If you’re serious thriving online and are both dedicated, and devoted to seeing it through – then look no further than Altitude SEO.

What we do

Getting better search engine rankings are great, but professional SEO goes far beyond just rankings. In addition to better search engine visibility we also add improving the overall user experience and website conversions.

Our (3) Step SEO Process:

  1. Optimize Website Performance
  2. Optimize Website Search Signals
  3. Optimize Website Authority & Off-Site Signals


First and foremost, Altitude SEO adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines. This is one of the many reasons that cheap SEO simply doesn’t work and causes more problems down the road. While many SEOs are focused on increasing their own bottom line, Altitude SEO is invested in our clients long-term success which is why we’ve invested in the brightest and most talented SEOs around.

We focus on:

  • Improving website user experience
  • Ensure your website is ‘up to date’ with technical requirements (AMP, Structured Data etc)
  • Website ‘signals’ are properly optimized
  • Ensuring Google understands your message and site direction
  • Ensure your website is an ‘authority’ within your industry