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When selecting an SEO provider it’s easy to get caught in a slick sales pitch backed by a fancy dashboard but in reality, what really matters is – results.

How could you trust an SEO provider to rank you, that cannot even rank themselves?

Altitude SEO was founded by one of Colorado’s most recognized search engine optimization experts. Sean Hakes, who has developed and led the online marketing efforts for both small businesses, and some of today’s largest brands online for nearly 16 years. 

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Altitude SEO outranks our competitors in paid, and organic for our top keywords.

First, think about it. If you’re hiring an SEO provider to better rank your website, and they can’t even rank theirs – should you be surprised if you get a lack of results?

Second, we’ve got a 100% transparent process. Not only do we provide you with a ‘fancy’ and easy to read reporting dashboard, we give you (the client) full access to our project management system that allows you to watch our team in action while we’re optimizing your campaign.

Third, we’ve got an incredible custom dashboard that not only allows you to monitor improvements and ROI for SEO, you can tie in paid search (Google PPC), Social Media, Traditional Advertising Tracking (i.e. Print, TV, Billboards etc) and much more.

If you’re searching for a digital marketing agency you can trust to deliver results time after time then discover the difference at Altitude SEO. There’s a reason that more Colorado small businesses are moving away from search engine optimization providers who struggle for results. Find out why, call us today at 303-500-5836.

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