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Altitude SEO has partnered up with internet law attorney the Frankfurt Law Office to provide aggressive reputation litigation services. While standard reputation management services can provide temporary relief by suppressing negative information, reputation litigation attacks the liable source – the reporter.

Regardless if the publisher is unknown or not, reputation litigation might be the perfect source to put an abrupt end to unfair, inaccurate and defamatory statements online.

How does reputation litigation work?

1.  Schedule a free initial consultation to see if your case qualifies.

2. Meet with Altitude SEO forensics expert to gather all required information.

3. Meet with Altitude SEO lawyer to schedule a case analysis.

4. Altitude SEO lawyer will draft, and submit the claim to either county or district court.

5. The defendant will be served and allocated time to respond to complaint.

6a. You MAY be able to seek both monetary compensation & get the offending content removed.

6b.  If defendant does not respond, a default judgement may be awarded and your assigned SEO consultant will work with you to see that the judgement is acted on and/or enforced.

The Altitude SEO reputation litigation services are designed to put a stop to defamatory statements made online. You can seek both monetarily compensation and/or a judgment to have the content removed from the website and/or the search engine results.

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** Disclaimer **

Provider is not a licensed attorney and cannot provide legal advice, BUT if the client qualifies for an action, Providers attorney will provide advice and represent clients through the Court process. A privileged relationship will exist between the Client and the Attorney handling the matter.